The Top Foreign Cuisine Restaurants in Australia

Australia is a cultural melting pot. This modern nation exists due to large-scale immigration from around the world, and the food culture highlights that. The influences of indigenous Australians and the early British colonies is easy to see in the traditional Australian dishes, but throughout history, other cultures have left their mark on the nation. In the age of globalization, Australian cuisine has become even more international and some of the best international cuisine restaurants in the world.

  • Chinese

    Mr Wong
    3 Bridge Lane, Sydney

    This Cantonese-style restaurant mixes the traditional with the modern. The décor is classic Chinese for the contemporary era, and chef Dan Hong has created a menu that caters to all needs. With over 80 dishes on the menu, everyone is sure to find something that suits their desire.

    Spice Temple
    10 Bligh St, Sydney

    Spice Temple is a modern Chinese restaurant that offers a menu of lesser-known dishes from regions such as Guangxi and Xingjiang. The sleek interior exudes a high-class ambience, which coupled with the adventurous menu allows for a memorable meal.

  • Italian

    D’Albora Marinas The Spit, Spit Road, Mosman

    With beautiful views of Middle Harbour and Pearl Bay, Ormeggio is an excellent place for contemporary Italian cuisine. The menu is inspired by the regions of Italy and can be enjoyed a la carte or as a degustation menu. The wine menu showcases the strength of Australia’s wine producers as well as those throughout the world.

    Café Di Stasio
    31 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda

    The identity of Café Di Stasio is interwoven with the life experience of founder Rinaldo Di Stasio. As the child of Italian immigrants, Di Stasio created the restaurant in the image of his family’s culture and heritage and offers a menu of traditional Italian dishes in a traditional Italian atmosphere.

  • Indian

    Masala Theory
    545 Crown Street, Surry Hills

    Masala Theory is an unapologetically colourful restaurant serving neo-Indian cuisine. The menu offers traditional dishes with a new twist, giving patrons a delicious, adventurous meal. The owner Yashpal Erda highlights Masala Theory’s dedication to “taste above all” through the use of authentic, fresh, healthy ingredients.

  • Japanese

    Tetsuya’s Sydney
    529 Kent Street, Sydney

    Tetsuya’s offers a first-class Japanese atmosphere and a degustation menu to match. Each dish evokes Japan in its own way and is created in line with the Japanese philosophy of using natural seasonal flavours. Although the high price tag of the tasting menu may shock some diners, Tetsuya Wakuda’s skill and creativity create the perfect backdrop for a special occasion.

    4 Lord Street, Richmond, Victoria

    Japan is famous for many things, and sushi not least among them. Minamishima is an omakase sushi restaurant, which means that Chef Koichi Minamishima leads your experience. In addition to omakase, a degustation menu is available in the main dining room, and an evolving menu of seasonal cocktails, teas, and Japanese whiskies are available to pair with your experience.

  • Mexican

    The Black Toro
    79 Kingsway, Glen Waverley, Victoria

    Mexican cuisine is relatively new to Australia, gaining much of its popularity in the last decade. The Black Toro offers patrons Latin American inspired dishes such as tacos and tostadas and cocktails inspired by the region. The restaurant accommodates casual meals as well as special occasions, balancing an atmosphere that is suitable for all kinds of dining experiences.

    Level 1, 11 Collins Street, Melbourne

    Claiming the title of Melbourne’s first proper taqueria, Melbourne has been serving Mexican-inspired flavours since 2010. The in-house mezcalier provides knowledgeable guidance on “all things agave spirits” to complement your lengua tacos or braised goat tostadas. The menu in tandem casual atmosphere has helped to keep Mamasita as one of the top dining spots in Melbourne every year.

Australia’s international food culture is growing with no signs of slowing down. From the Far East to North America, the restaurants in this list represent some of the best the nation has to offer, but there are more popping up every day. In most cases, reservations are recommended, and details can be found on the restaurant’s webpage.