The Best National Parks In Australia

Australia is home to one of the best biodiversity in the world. Almost all outdoor enthusiasts want to experience the Land Down Under for its desert dunes, forests, cliff lines, wetlands, and mountain ranges.

With more than 500 national parks sprawled on this continent, choosing what to explore is difficult, as these parks have something worth offering. But if you must choose, here are five of the best national parks in Australia.

The 5 National Parks In Australia Worth Visiting

#1. Daintree National Park, Queensland

The Great Barrier Reef flanks this park and is one of Queensland‘s best national parks. It stretches 450 kilometres from Mossman in the south and the north; it goes well into Cooktown.

This national park is divided into Cape Tribulation and Mossman and is hailed as the world’s oldest rainforest. Yes, it’s older than the Amazon forests, so be sure to be here exploring its impressive biodiversity from May to September.

Everyone can find something to do in this park, whether just looking for a relaxing and breezy walk, a challenging climb, or a hiking trail. The park is also home to creatures you can’t find anywhere else, like the Daintree River Ringtail Possum, Southern Cassowary, Lesser Sooty Owl, Buff-Breasted Paradise Kingfisher, and the Boyd’s Forest Dragon, to name a few.

#2. Port Campbell National Park, Victoria

Boasting the Twelve Apostles and its unnaturally natural exhibit of sculpted rock formations, it is worth visiting Victoria to see Port Campbell.

This national park is the most well-known and photographed stretch of the Great Ocean Road. But there’s more to see and experience in Port Campbell, thanks to its rock stacks, London Bridge, and Bay of Islands.

There are also iconic viewpoints that attract thousands of visitors every year, but if you don’t want to feel rushed, you can take your time going through cliff sidewalks while learning about the wildlife that considers the shrubberies their home.

#3. Cradle Mountain Lake National Park, Tasmania

Get transported into a wilderness similar to the one you only see in the movies. Its diverse landscape will appeal to you. Choose what you’d want to explore, ranging from alpine mountains to rainforests, or head south to Lake St. Clair or up north to Cradle Mountain.

Hiking enthusiasts would love the adrenaline and challenge of conquering the six-day Overland Track that will provide an overwhelming view of the mountains. This national park is any outdoor enthusiast’s paradise.

#4. Blue Mountains National Park, Sydney

With more than 140 kilometres of open space, this world heritage site is another haven for walkers and hikers. This place is a peaceful sanctuary for guests who want to get reacquainted with nature and test their endurance with its adventures.

You’ll have no shortage of adrenaline-pumping activities in this park. You can try mountain biking, hiking, caving, abseiling, horse riding, and rock climbing here. However, it also serves as a retreat for those who want to unwind among the park’s lakes and waterfalls.

You can also have your fill of history and culture in the Blue Mountains because some areas of the park feature old stone paintings and aboriginal heritage. That’s why it is one of the top 5 travel destinations in New South Wales.

#5. Karijini National Park, Western Australia

The valleys and canyons, hidden pools, waterfalls, and cliffs make this an impressive attraction for all nature lovers. Because it is the ancestral home of the Banyjima, Innawonga, and Kurama people, Karijini National Park offers a tantalizing glimpse into the Hamersley Range.

It is also considered home to some of Australia’s thriving wildlife, with over 800 plant species. Here, the kangaroos safely explore the plains, the rock wallabies cling to the cliffs, and the olive pythons lure giant figs just above the crystal-clear pools and lagoons.

Karijini also features three of the highest summits—Mt. Bruce or Punurrunha, Mt. Meharry, and Mt. Frederick.

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Final Thoughts

Spending a few weeks in Australia is not enough! Make the most of your adventure of a lifetime by exploring the best national parks on this small continent.