Law Immigration Changes 2019 – A Summary


Australia is truly one of the most diverse and fascinating countries to live in. The reason for this diverse background of Australians is due to the mix of the country’s Aboriginal roots combined with various waves of immigration throughout history to include immigrants from Europe, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Far East. Since Australia offers the potential for a very high quality of life, immigrants are periodically applying to obtain Permanent Residency in Australia. This has caused there to be an oversaturation in certain professional sectors that previously needed many workers to fill employment positions. Now that there are so many immigrants applying, the Australian government has had to realistically look at their job market and decide which gaps should be filled by non-native Australians.

As a result, the Australian government regionally evaluates what is needed in their job market to keep their unemployment rate as low as possible for Australian citizens while still encouraging economic growth. When trying to decide whether you will be able to immigrate to Australia, it is wise to glance over the Eligible Skilled Occupations Lists that are discussed below.

Why Are Lists of Eligible Skilled Occupations Important?

For a period of years, the Australian government has realized that while they are abundant in certain areas of their workforce, they are lacking in others. Where the Eligible Skilled Occupations Lists become essential is when the Australian government allows for work visas in specific industries and/or territories within Australia that are experiencing a labour shortage. If your area of expertise falls into one of the areas that the Australian government is looking for, you will have a far easier time being sponsored by an employer to immigrate to Australia. Be sure when analysing the lists that you are careful to check the location where the Australian government would like to increase the skilled labour in your particular field.

The Australian government is careful to include only the states and postal codes that will fill the labour gap that they see in the Australian labour market without eliminating employment opportunities for Australian nationals. Usually, it is best to work with an attorney that specialises in Immigration when you are being offered a visa sponsorship by employers to ensure that you are meeting the qualifications set out by the Australian government for your work visa. Hiring an attorney can also make your overall visa application process simpler when you are preparing the necessary steps for your relocation.

Relevant Changes to the 2018 Skilled Occupations List

There have been several changes to the Eligible Skilled Occupations List in 2018. Three particular occupations that have been added to the list are: Property Manager, Psychotherapist, and Real Estate Representative. These three professions are eligible to be STSOL, which refers to short term visa eligibility. There is another list called MLTSSL, which is eligible for medium-term visas in qualifying locations. The professions that have been moved to the MLTSSL from the STSOL are: Horse Breeder, and Management Consultant. There were also occupations removed from both lists to include: Building Associate, and Hair or Beauty Salon Manager.

Another important list to be aware of that impacts both the MLTSSL and the STSOL is the Regional Occupation List (ROL). Due to the expansive size of Australia and the varying needs of different cities and states, the ROL list is something that the Australian government uses to balance the job market within Australia in accordance to the shortages that require foreign workers to come contribute to the Australian economy.

Concluding Remarks on the Subject

Overall, Australia is one of the most open countries in the world to immigration. That said, the Australian government is also careful to not over saturate their employment market. If you are sure that you want to immigrate to Australia, be sure to carefully research which immigration regulations can benefit your prospects of not only securing a job, but also having a successful visa application. The Australian government regularly posts immigration notifications and the dates that they will be coming into effect. Be sure to regularly check these updates and speak with an Immigration lawyer if you are unsure which parts of Australia is currently granting visas for your skillset.

Planning your relocation in advance will help you to escape common pitfalls that immigrant applicants have faced in the past due to a lack of understanding of what the Australian government’s Eligible Skilled Occupation Lists actually mean and also how those Eligible Skilled Occupation Lists are typically completed on a territory-basis rather than a country-wide basis. So long as you are able to navigate the information available to you, Australia has a very high track record of offering incredible employment opportunities to immigrants that enable them and their families to enjoy and explore the wonderful culture and quality of life that Australia offers to its citizens.