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Do Australia and New Zealand Really Have a Special Bond?

Historically, Australia and New Zealand have been closely associated with one another. Due to the geographic location and colonial ties to England, it is no surprise that they have a great deal in common. Additionally, the fact that they both speak English as their primary language makes trade between the two countries both simple and inevitable. Australia and New Zealand tend to attract many expats worldwide due to their natural beauty, high quality of life, and engaging cultures.

That said, it is important to understand the close ties between the two countries before deciding to move between them as an expat. If you are considering relocating between Australia and New Zealand as an expat, or are considering moving to the region in general, it is highly recommended that you glance at the discussion below to obtain relevant information that could assist you in your decision:

Why Australia and New Zealand Have Such a Close Relationship

Australia and New Zealand have historically held a very close relationship due to the part of the world they were located in and their origins being British colonies. They also have a strong sense of culture that is similar and have faced many issues with their local indigenous tribes in the era of colonization. Regardless of their common origins, Australia is constantly referred to as New Zealand’s older brother. The relationship between the two countries is complex, as New Zealand refused to join Australia as a part of their country in the 19th century. Since this backlash, a sparring match between the two countries is evident in sports, general popular culture, and overall identity. Australia is praised for taking advantage of globalization, while New Zealand is said to have not. Regardless of the social clashes, there are still many economic and immigration treaties between the two nations due to the close ties that they still have today.

What Is It About These Countries that Attract Expats from Around the Globe?

Australia and New Zealand are surely attractive regions for expats to flock to from all over the world. One of the primary reasons for this is the high English level that both countries speak. For many expats, the English language makes it easy for them to settle down there and make lasting friendships for the duration of their stay. Linguistics aside, both Australia and New Zealand have some beautiful sights to enjoy that are absolutely worth it to explore for an extended period of time. Even though both countries are quite expensive, their natural beauty and potential for employment for English speakers makes relocating to their territories quite desirable for expats.

Immigration Tips Between the Two Countries

When contemplating whether the close bond between Australia and New Zealand is valuable when relocating between the two countries, the answer is absolute, yes. The reason for this is that many treaties are in place to facilitate movement between Australian and New Zealand citizens. Consider these five tips when relocating between Australia and New Zealand:

Using a Money Transfer Company is a Wise Decision

One common misconception is that Australia and New Zealand use the same currency since they have such close ties. This is not the case. Australia utilizes the Australian Dollar, and New Zealand utilizes the New Zealand Dollar. If you are moving between Australia and New Zealand, then it is important that you consider working with a money transfer company. This is because you will be able to save a great deal of money on moving currency between the two markets. Many Australians and New Zealand citizens take the opportunity to retire in the country they were not born in. This sort of transaction may require purchasing real estate, which is why it is wise to use a money transfer company to get the best possible exchange rate on the currency that you are moving.

Healthcare Exists Between the Two Countries

One great benefit for citizens of Australia and New Zealand is that they have a common healthcare treaty between their countries. This makes it possible for an Australian to move to New Zealand and vice versa without worrying about losing their healthcare. This is a significant benefit when contemplating whether relocating between the two countries is worthwhile.

Examine Your Visa Situation Carefully

It is wise to investigate the immigration regulations in Australia and New Zealand as an expat. Many working holiday visas and skilled worker visas are to be obtained if you have the right employer to sponsor you. Remember, if your work visa is from Australia, you will have to find a different employment position in New Zealand unless the same company agrees to change your visa status. Conversely, it is far simpler for Australian or New Zealand citizens to obtain visas and study between the countries. For example, students will be charged local rates in either of the countries and be permitted to stay for an extended period of time.

Cost of Living in New Zealand is Lower Than in Australia

If you are considering which country to choose, New Zealand is slightly less expensive than Australia. That said, both countries are quite expensive overall in comparison to other parts of the world. For this reason, it is highly recommended to have an employment position in place or to have a considerable sum of capital saved up before arriving in Australia and New Zealand looking for employment.

Pension Treaties Exist Between the Two Countries

For Australians or New Zealand citizens that are at the age of retirement, it is absolutely possible to still receive pensions between the two countries, which is sensational. Be sure to bear this in mind as it will make a substantial difference in the budget you have to spend while you enjoy your retirement.

Concluding Remarks on the Subject

In sum, Australia and New Zealand have a closer bond than Canada and the United States, for example. The reason for this is the nature of when the two countries were formed and their extremely consistent influence from British colonial rule. What ended up transpiring, as a result, was that two former British colonies were geographically isolated and were forced to trade with one another for survival. Today, we see Australia and New Zealand as close allies that are not only related in terms of their history but their immigration and trade policy as well.

When contemplating relocating between the two countries, it is important to remember that the process is not as complicated as one might think in spite of the different currencies that each possesses. Thus, be sure that you consider a move to either Australia or New Zealand from abroad or consider relocation from Australia to New Zealand or from New Zealand to Australia. You will find a very simplified process with many potential avenues to pursue an easy immigration transition, which makes the move to Australia or New Zealand absolutely worthwhile.