Australian Visas for Skilled Individuals

Visas for Skilled Individuals


Australia is constantly looking for ways to improve their workforce. In fact, their government has made a great deal of effort related to obtaining qualified individuals the means necessary to stay within their country legally. That being said, there are only certain occupations that meet this qualification. These occupations are modified regularly, thus, it is best to check them regularly to ensure that the job you are attempting to gain sponsorship for is still eligible for a skilled individual visa. Consider the conversation below when you are interested in accepting an employment position in Australia through a skilled individual visa:


Visa Overview

 What is important to understand about skill individual work visas in Australia is that there are two different sub branches when it comes to the occupational requirements called: Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) and Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL). Determining whether the job that you are trying to be sponsored for is on one of these lists is crucial in order to have a successful job application in the future.


Who Is Eligible to Apply for This Visa?

The guidelines for the skilled individual visa can be accessed through the Australian Immigration website by clicking here. Additionally, the Australian government has combined the list of skilled workers to include the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) and the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL). The combined list of the eligible occupations can be located here.


In addition to the eligible occupations the applicant for the skilled individual work visa must also possess the following qualifications: they must be invited to apply for the visa, be under fifty years of age, have a competent level of English, and satisfy a points test requirement. These requirements are strict, which is why it is highly recommended to ensure that you can meet them before you follow through with the process of an employer sponsoring you. Typically, these visas can last for up to four years; however, it is wise to start the renewal process early if you are trying to not have any delays or risk overstaying your visa.


Tips on How to Successfully Apply

One of the most important components of the visa application is related to the employment contract. The reason for this is that the employment contract has to be the document that instigates the visa application. Typically, the employment contract will be accompanied with a formal letter of offering to ensure that there is a foundation for which the invitation to apply for the visa will be met.


Once the threshold has been met for the invitation, the individual will have to show proof of their level of English, age, and country of origin. There will also be an analysis as to whether the occupation is currently on the list of skilled workers that is valid for a skilled worker visa sponsorship. When completing these visa applications, it is wise to let your employer have an agent work with you that they pay directly for. This is a sign of professional courtesy in that they are helping you go through the necessary steps to be successfully be approved for a skilled worker visa to benefit their company in Australia. Skilled worker visas can be applied for both within and outside of Australia; however, it is ideal to start the process before departing your home country in the event that there are issues with documents that you need original copies of from your home country’s government offices.


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