Australian Visas for Families




Since Australia has become quite popular for both employment and business visa categories, it is important to realise that there are opportunities to bring one’s family with them as well while they are taking advantage of these employment opportunities. The philosophy here is that the Australian government aims to make the process streamlined for their families to join them in benefiting the Australian economy. Consider the various paths to bringing family members with you whilst you are deciding to reside in Australia whether it is temporary or permanently:

What is important to understand about these visas is that many of them are geared towards an individual who has achieved permanent residency in Australia. Specifically, those who are either Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or certain eligible New Zealand citizens have the potential to bring their families to Australia legally. Starting the investigative process about how to successfully bring your family to Australia ideally should begin on the Australian government’s immigration site. By merely clicking the “Family” button option, you will be able to see the different categories available for your review.


Who Is Eligible for a Family Member Visa?

Partner Category Visa Options:

Primary information for the partner visa category options can be found by clicking here. Usually, it is acceptable to bring over a partner that is the spouse of an Australian citizen, permanent resident or New Zealand citizen. It is also possible to bring over a fiancé and/or same-sex relation as well. Due to the sensitivity of these visa requirements, it is often common to require an interview at a government office. However, visa applications of this sort can be done both within and outside of Australia.

Child and Adoption Visa Options:

Children visas tend to be a great deal more complicated because they can be divided into blood relation and adopted child visas. The most up-to-date information relating to these visa categories can be in found online. The key for any child to be eligible for any of the visas in this category is that they must be under eighteen years of age and be unmarried. Furthermore, it is important to note that entry of children that are under eighteen years of age is quite regulated due to international child kidnapping incidents. Be prepared to present many different forms of documentation to process these visas with ease. A note for adoptive parents is also to ensure that the child that you are adopting is through a legitimate agency to save headaches with immigration and guardianship rights to the child you would like to adopt in the long term.

Parent Category Visa:

Parents of Australian and New Zealand citizens also have the right to apply to reside in Australia for periods of up to two years or as permanent residents. The most up-to-date requirements about the parent category visa can be found in In order to be eligible for this visa it must be shown that: you have a child who is either an Australian permanent resident or citizen or New Zealand citizen, your child has resided in Australia legally two years prior to your visa application, you have a sponsor, you are in a adequate level of health, and that you have met the balance of family test requirements. When considering the balance of family test, it has to be shown that over half of your children live in Australia or more of your children live in Australia than any other country.

Family Members:

It is important to note that there are avenues to bring more extended family to Australia. That being said, there are extensive ques to do so. Additionally, the regulations are always in flux. The best way to obtain the most up-to-date information is to start your research using the following link. For extended family members, it is wise to seek legal counsel because every case has its particularities and there may be a way to expedite your process if you have the opportunity to work with an experienced attorney.

Relative Visa Options:

Relative visa options are related to an older family member that may not necessarily need extensive care, but that want to be near their family member that is residing in Australia. If that family member is a permanent resident or citizen of Australia and they are over eighteen years old, you may be eligible to obtain this visa for a long term stay in Australia. This is also true of New Zealand citizens residing in Australia. The page with the most current information on this can be found here.

Carer Visa Options:

Carer visa options are different from relative visa options in that they are targeted at a family member that has a long term medical condition and needs extensive care by family members on a regular basis. A carer visa has similar requirements to a relative visa; however, the medical condition of the relative that is ill must be assessed by a qualified physician. Without this requirement, it is nearly impossible to obtain this visa. For the most up-to-date information regarding this visa, it is best to check this page.


How to Apply with Success & Ease

Culturally speaking, it is important to understand that Australia, overall, wants you to be successful to join its country. That being said, they do want you to follow their protocols for entry. In terms of family visas, there are more extensive processes because these visas are targeted at a more long-term stay. Be prepared for extensive documentation and interviews. In fact, if you are applying, it is best to apply for as many family members as necessary to only complete the process once. In terms of family visas, it is wise to seek legal counsel for your assistance and expedited results. Bear in mind that the carer visa is one of the more complex approval processes because the Australian government wants to ensure that they carefully admit individuals to their country that are already ill.


Concluding Remarks on the Subject

Australia, currently, is truly one of the countries for opportunity in terms of immigration. Keep this in mind when you are trying to comply with the immigration requirements in Australia to avoid problematic delays. Due to the wealth of employment opportunities in Australia, the Australian government also realizes the need for families to accompany workers, permanent residents, and citizens there to maintain a level of happiness and productivity. To this end, it is wise to do your proper research because if you do, you will find that that there can and will be a place for your family members as productive members of Australian society.


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