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Australian Fun Stuff

Australia attracts tourists from all over the globe. This is because they have an enjoyable and popular culture for tourists and locals to enjoy. Additionally, Australians are coined as some of the friendliest individuals in the world, which makes for a very warm welcome in terms of spending time in Australia. Australians have many pastimes including:

Consider the following categories when trying to decide what you would like to participate in whilst on holiday in Australia:

The Best Beaches in Australia

Australia is world-famous for its beaches. The reason for this is that Australia is an isolated continent surrounded by ocean and the majority of their population lives close to the coastline.

Study the following reasons below when contemplating whether Australian beaches are worth your while:

  • Due to the great conditions on the coastline, the proximity to the coast has become an important part of the Australian identity and way of life.
  • Australians thrive off of surfing, general water sports, sunbathing or swimming. In fact, half of their year is dedicated to this practice along picturesque coastlines.
  • Australia is world famous for snorkelling and scuba diving due to the presence of the Great Barrier Reef in the country, which provides some of the world’s best diving conditions and species to witness under the sea.
  • Australia truly has an incredible lineup of beaches. Some of the top are Whitehaven Beach, Cable Beach, Bondi Beach, Lizard Island, Burleigh Heads Beach, Main Beach in Noosa, Main Beach in Byron Bay, Mandalay Beach, 75 Mile Beach, and Wineglass Bay.
  • It is quite popular in Australia to enjoy the scenery at these fine beaches while laying out and chugging a cool one on a gorgeous day.
  • Australian beaches are quite well-regulated and safe, given that they were some of the first in the world to have surf lifesaving clubs. This is due to Australia’s strong currents that help create incredible surfing conditions. That said, in Australia, you will feel safer surfing than in other parts of the world.
  • Beaches in Sydney, such as Bondi Beach and Manly Beach, have combined the concept of beaches and shopping. Here it is possible to find fine dining or a day on the sand.

Sports to Watch in Australia

Australia has unique sporting habits. The Australians have a passion for their sports that has been passed down to them for generations. Sports are an enormous part of Australian culture. If one is intending to spend time in Australia as a visitor or resident, it is wise to become informed about the following:

  • Australians both love watching sports and participating in them. Overall, they are very active people, which is why they are quite competitive. Additionally, since they have so many opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities, they absolutely do so as much as possible. Currently, the top-ranking sports in Australia typically include: swimming, football, rugby, and cricket. In terms of team rivalries, Australians enjoy a satisfactory beating of the Poms and/or the Kiwis in any sporting opportunity they possess.
  • Australia has historical ties to England in the sense that they have a very long-established horseback riding culture. For this reason, the horse race culture has become a sophisticated sport to attend in Australia. In fact, it is possible to obtain a day of holiday from work in order to watch the horse races. What is impressive about Australia is that there are horse racing locales around the country. Depending on where you will be located, it is best to check here to see which horse racing event is most convenient for your enjoyment.
  • One immense positive about spending time in Australia is taking advantage of the culture that is receptive to healthy living and working out constantly. Taking advantage of the sunny climate and the endless outdoor opportunities is a great motivational way to stay in shape in Australia.
  • Australia is truly a surfer’s paradise. It is highly recommended to attend one of the many sponsored surf competitions there by world-famous brands such as Billabong and Rip Curl.

Food & Wine in Australia

  • Australia has an awe-inspiring wine region that has been producing some spectacular wines as of late. Currently, Australia is the fourth largest wine exporter in the world. In fact, there are 60 different regions of wine in Australia. In order to learn more about wine tours and recommended grapes, it is highly recommended to visit
  • Another very successful market within Australia is the beer market. In fact, domestic beer is one of the more popular beers since they have such high qualities available locally.
  • It is important to note that alcohol is not sold in supermarkets in Australia. The best place to find alcohol in Australia is in bottle shops on many street corners. In terms of restaurants, some of the restaurants do not have licenses and require individuals to bring their own if they want to alcohol while dining.
  • In Australia, the terminology for barbecue is the “barbie.” Many social events revolve around the “barbie” where the males of the family enjoy cooking steaks and prawns while sipping on a cold domestic beer. These events are wonderful social opportunities in Australia due to the great weather and friendly spirit of the Australian people.
  • One aspect that is fantastic about Australia is the wide variety of food available. This is due to the unique immigration history that Australia has experienced over the years. That said, there are always innovative food festivals occurring in Australia to enjoy. It is highly recommended to dive into the diverse cuisine, restaurant culture, and festivals that Australia possesses all over the country. This is particularly true in cities such as Sydney and Melbourne.
  • Gourmet food aside, Vegemite is another prevalent food for locals to enjoy. Usually, it is paired with bread and possesses the colour of a dark brown paste.

Australian Deadly Wildlife

Australia’s reputation for its exotic wildlife came from more than Crocodile Dundee. When taking advantage of the incredible outdoor options that Australia has available, it is important to be aware of certain safety precautions that present themselves when spending time in the more rural parts of Australia:

  • Australia has more deadly species than any other continent. Keep this in mind when hiking there in order to avoid unfortunate accidents from species that you are not familiar with that could be harmful to your health.
  • When it comes to snakes, there are ten most poisonous snakes in the world, and they all are Australian residents.
  • Snakes aside, Australia also has species such as: the stonefish, paralysis tick, blue-ringed octopus, and the funnel-web spider. Lastly, the male duck-billed platypus has venom that it can release, that causes a very painful toxin.
  • In terms of swimming in Australia, it is important to be aware of the box-jelly fish that can be deadly. Additionally, being cautious of sharks, snakes, and saltwater crocodiles is important. Interacting with any of these creatures in the wrong way can be fatal or lead to painful injury.

Nightlife in Australia

Australia has an incredible nightlife scene. The nightlife that can be experienced in Australia is related to the fun-loving nature of the Australian culture and the unique concept of restaurants and bars that have sprouted up all over Australia. In fact, Australians are one of the many cultures that invented the concept of gap year and the nightlife that comes with it! When trying to spend an extended period of time in Australia, it is wise to look at these locales for the best nightlife spots in Australia:

  • Melbourne: Melbourne has entirely transformed its nightlife scene and recently has more innovative concepts than Sydney. Melbourne has a unique nightlife scene in that they have a diverse amount of fusion restaurants, nightclubs, and bars that boast a sensational nightlife for those who want to experience the parties Australia offers.
  • Sydney: Sydney is one of the top cities to experience when looking for nightlife in Australia. In fact, Spring Break brings plenty of parties and music festivals to the clubs. Additionally, the local surfer culture in Sydney adds a more laid-back element to the parties that appeal to those looking for a more casual atmosphere.
  • Brisbane: Brisbane has a backpacker nightlife scene that is quite prominent. That said, it doesn’t quite have the cosmopolitan feel that cities such as Sydney and Melbourne have. If travellers are looking for a great match at a football bar or a more local feel, Brisbane is a great city to go out in to experience more local Aussies in their element with less foreign influence.
  • Perth: Perth is a fascinating city in that it is quite isolated compared to other cities worldwide. Due to the city’s unique locals, it has developed a culture of nightlife and rooftop bars that rival many larger cities in the world. This is due to the many multinational companies that now have a presence in Perth that has helped the city to develop its own cosmopolitan edge when it comes to nightlife.
  • The Outback: Granted, the Australian Outback is not exactly known for the traditional sense of nightlife; however, certain bars pop up along the routes typically travelled by those trying to sightsee in the Outback. It is worth a look to enjoy a night of bar hopping with travellers from all over the world, including Aussies, who may be seeing more of their country.

Concluding Remarks on the Subject

It is important to note that Australia has many fun activities to participate in. Whether you are a local or a visitor, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Australia. This is why Australia has such a high tourism rate from individuals around the globe. When travelling in Australia, it is essential to take advantage of Australia’s outdoor activities. That said, it is important to diversify the beaches you are visiting to experience more of the Australian landscape. Additionally, it is wise to take advantage of the world-class wines that Australia is currently producing. This, combined with the domestic beers, will provide you with a great respect for the Australian quality of alcoholic beverages. Australia has so much to offer for foodies due to its unique history of immigrants from many parts of the world. Lastly, for nightlife, be receptive to the wide variety of options Australia offers. Bearing all of this in mind, it is important to dive into what Australia has to offer, and you will have a rewarding experience as a result.