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The Best Food and Wines in Australia

Australia has some incredible cuisine. What is fantastic is how quickly the cuisine has developed over the previous years. The reason for this is that there have been many cultures that have influenced Australia throughout its history due to colonialism and immigration. This, combined with the Aborigine population that has been in Australia for thousands of years has created a splendid place for foodies.

Furthermore, the food festivals and world-renowned chefs that have cultivated their craft in Australia have also added to Australia’s influence in terms of being a respected food and beverage destination. In terms of vineyards, Australian soil has proved to be quite fruitful in terms of producing spectacular vintages of wines that are now exported around the globe. Be sure to consult the following list when trying to ascertain what to eat and drink while spending time in Australia:

Influences on Australian Food

What is important to note is that the 1900s really played a major part in the development of Australian food that is present today. For example, in the 1950s, it was not uncommon to see families preparing shepherd’s pie, lamb chops, custard, and apple pie like their European roots. That said, Australia’s unique culinary history starts with its Aborigine population that learned during the period of thousands of years how to enjoy the fruits of the diverse climates that the many parts of Australia possess. The colonists that arrived really separated themselves from the indigenous foods, yet they have become available for individuals to try today. Many of Australia’s first markets were actually stocked with grains from convicts. One of the great influences that impacted colonial Australia was when the railroads opened up, enabling the country to rely less on imported foods and focus on growing their own.

Later on, many Chinese immigrants immigrated to Australia. They came over for the gold rush and brought many of their food and cultural customs with them. In addition to the Chinese, immigrants from Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and India impacted Australian culture. This, combined with the diverse climate that Australia possesses, made it possible for very unique foods to grow and prosper for chefs to incorporate into their dishes.

Why Australia Is Famous for Wine

Australia has some incredible vineyards that are producing wines competitive to consumers around the world. Contrary to popular belief, Yellowtail is only sold outside of Australia and the best vineyards are other less globally recognized names. Below is the list of the best vineyards in Australia:

  1. Longview Vineyard: In South Australia, a vineyard called Longview Vineyard is quite well-known for its quality. This vineyard is known for its Shiraz, which is hand-picked and aged in French Oak, which makes the flavour extraordinary. Additionally, this vineyard has an incredible Boat Shed Nebbiolo Rosato for visitors to enjoy. The best place to sit at this vineyard is with a view of the vineyard on the lawn where Mediterranean platters are served.
  2. Highbank Wines: Highbank Wines is also located in South Australia. The wines that are the most famous are the ones that are biodynamically farmed. That said, the Coonawarra red blend is one of their best wines. The cottage that is there has a commercial kitchen, which makes staying nearby a great foodie yet relaxing experience.
  3. Borrodell on the Mount: Borrodell on the Mount is a wonderful experience for those that are in New South Wales. The vineyard was a recent addition to an existing orchard. For this reason, the vineyard also offers delicious apple cider on the side of the wine tasting. The most famous wine at Borrodell on the Mount is their Pinot Noir. There are two gourmet restaurants near the vineyard called “Sister’s Rock Restaurant” and “Lolli Redini” that are a great addition to visiting the vineyard.
  4. Keith Tulloch Wines: Also located in New South Wales is Keith Tulloch Wines. The Kester Shiraz and the Botyrytis Semillon is another great variety to try while at the vineyard. For those that get hungry, there is a great Italian-style restaurant called “Muse Kitchen” that compliments the vineyard’s offerings quite nicely.
  5. Lindenderry at Red Hill: There is a vineyard called LIndenderry at Red Hill in Victoria. Lindenderry at Red Hill is known for its Pinot Noir as well. The restaurant at the vineyard is picturesque, with an elegant patio for wine tasters to enjoy great views. For those looking for a full retreat, the accommodations have a full wellness centre complete with a pool and hot spa.

 Top 5 Domestic Beers

Australia has many incredible domestic beers to choose from. This is why many individuals have decided not to grow attached to foreign beers because domestic beers represent a strong sense of Aussie nationality. When contemplating which domestic beers to sample while in Australia, it is highly recommended to start with these top five domestic beers of Australia:

  1. Hop Hog: Hop Hog is brewed by Feral Brewing Co. and is quite well-respected around Australia. It is an American-style IPA that has 5.80% alcohol content. The beer has received a 91 score on Beer Advocate, which is quite high in terms of quality and taste.
  2. Little Creatures Pale Ale: Little Creatures Pale Ale is brewed by Little Creatures Brewery, which also has a very high reputation in Australia. The beer is an American Pale Ale that has a 5.20% alcohol content. This beer received a 90 score on beer advocate for its authenticity and flavour.
  3. Coopers Best Extra Stout: Coopers Best Extra Stout is brewed by Cooper Brewery Limited. Coopers Best Extra Stout has an alcohol percentage of 6.30%. The beer has received an 86 on Beer Advocate for its unique flavour in its category.
  4. Murray’s Wild Thing Imperial Stout: Murray’s Wild Thing Imperial Stout is brewed by Murray’s Craft Brewing Co. Murray’s Wild Thing Imperial Stout is known to have a very strong level of alcohol content, resting at 10%. The beer was inspired by a stout that was favoured by the Russian Imperial Court. The colour of the beer is entirely black, and it is impossible to see through the beer even when it is held up to the light. Lastly, Murray’s Wild Thing Imperial Stout received an 89 on Beer Advocate.
  5. Pacific Ale: Pacific Ale is brewed by Stone & Wood. Pacific Ale is like an American Pale Ale and possesses a 4.40% alcohol content per bottle. The beer received an 87 from the Beer Advocate due to its authenticity and consumer feedback.

Top 7 Australian Dishes

Australia has an incredible combination of cultures. This is why Australia has some very delightful culinary treats to choose from. Here is a list of the top seven Australian dishes:

  1. Pavlova: This famous dessert is named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova and is highly debated as to whether it originated in Australia or New Zealand. Despite the debate, Australians proudly present this dessert on their table, which is a meringue with an extremely soft centre. It is topped with whipped cream and contains passionfruit pulp, kiwi, and fresh berries. This dessert is absolutely recommended to try, especially if you are fortunate to find a homemade one. In order to try one in Australia, try to visit Ester in Sydney for a gourmet Pavlova.
  2. Tim Tams: In terms of delightful snacks, Tim Tams make a great treat because they are two chocolate biscuits sandwiched with chocolate cream and coated with chocolate on top for that extra dose of flavour. They come in several flavours, including milk, dark, and white chocolate. They also have released limited edition flavours such as red velvet and salted caramel.
  3. Bowen Mangoes: Australia is known for its delicious mangoes in the Summer. It is wise to enjoy these on their own or put spices from Asia on top of the mangoes in a refreshing salad.
  4. Anzac Biscuits: Anzac Biscuits are made with oats and golden syrup. Historically, they were designed to last for long voyages to reach soldiers in Gallipoli, so they have no milk or eggs in their recipe.
  5. Fish and Chip Shop Dim Sim: The traditional British Fish and Chips have been combined due to the Chinese influence in Australia into a Dim Sum variety. The Fish and Chip Shop Dim Sum is the batter of Fish and Chips within the thick wonton-like pastry that can either be steamed or fried. They are a signature dish in Australia that truly demonstrates Australia’s immigrants and how they influenced Australia’s cuisine forever.
  6. Black Coffee and Smashed Avocado: For those coffee lovers, it has become quite popular to order black coffee and smashed avocado that is accented with lemon juice, olive oil, mint, and grainy bread. This is the ideal lunch for individuals trying to lose weight in Australia which is becoming more and more popular every day.
  7. Australian Prawns: Australia does have a strange tradition of eating seafood on Christmas. This has to do with their wonderful location along many beaches and the historic ease of fishing when colonists first arrived on Australia’s shores. One dish that has become quite popular in Australia is the prawns. Prawns that are barbecued with a squeeze of lemon juice and a hint of cocktail to dip. This dish is one of the best things to enjoy in Australia.

Final Remarks on the Subject

Australia is an incredible country to visit for foodies because there is such a wide range of options to enjoy. When studying Australia’s history, it is not difficult to imagine why the culture has evolved the way it has given the unique culture of immigrants that Australia has attracted due to its lenient immigration law for nearly a century. These immigrants, combined with the indigenous population, and arrivals during the period of colonisation, have made Australia’s food culture what it is today. Australia has also created many high-quality beers and wines that have been noticed on a global level. When travelling to Australia, it is highly recommended to take the time to research the food and beverages that you can enjoy. This will add a great deal to your vacation, and you will be able to understand what the hype is about in terms of Australian cuisine.

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