Reasons To Use A Professional Mover

8 Reasons To Use A Professional Mover

Moving to a new place is exciting. However, the process of actually moving — packing and unpacking, getting organized, lifting and transporting heavy boxes — is not so much. It’s tedious, physically tiring, and time-consuming, but it must be done.

You should look into it if you haven’t hired a professional mover already. The advantages of hiring a professional mover are many but often overlooked because we aren’t familiar enough with what we get by hiring them. We’re going to help you sort this out. Here are 8 reasons to use a professional mover.

#1. To Save Time

If you plan to pack up your stuff on your own, you’ll spend loads of time dealing with boxes, multiple checklists, and perhaps a splitting headache. You may also have to take time off from your workplace since this can go on for days.

More importantly, how exactly do you plan on hauling your tables down the stairs or out your door? Full-service movers do a professional job of packing up your belongings in a fraction of the time it would take you. They are also reliable when providing clients with a time for when to expect delivery to their new residence. By reducing your workload, you can focus on more important aspects of the move, like getting your family settled in, making a last-minute trip to the supermarket, changing the locks in your new home, etc.

#2. Packing Materials and Supplies

Do you prefer to do your own packing? Professional movers can supply you with all the necessary packing supplies and materials, like boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and paper. Since they’re familiar with the moving process, they know everything you’ll need for the move. This saves you time and multiple trips to the store.

#3. Your Belongings Are Insured

Sure, you could ask your mates to lend a hand if you’ve got a few willing to help you out. You may be looking to cut costs by having them do the work, but what happens when they accidentally damage or lose something valuable?

You can’t very well ask them to replace a vase or glass that broke accidentally. Hiring professional movers means your belongings are properly insured. On the off chance that there is property damage, you can expect accountability through compensation. That’s quite a relief, isn’t it?

#4. Storage Facilities

You may want to hold off on getting your belongings for a few days until you can paint your new place. Under such circumstances, moving companies usually have secure client storage space.

#5. Handled With Care

If you’re moving alone, you may throw most of your items in the back of your truck. Smaller items may go in boxes, but the larger items are left unpackaged and unprotected.

Professional movers will use industry standards for moving your things. They use furniture dollies, moving blankets, elastics and ratchet straps, ramps, and pallet jacks to move your items safely. Why take a chance on moving furniture and items that have taken you years and a significant amount of money to acquire?

#6. No Heavy Lifting

While we’re used to lifting the occasional weight or two, the amount of physical exertion that moving entails is immense. It may not be the best idea to lift heavy boxes over and over single-handedly. You may throw your back or injure your shoulders. The damage to your body could be serious if you aren’t careful.

It’s best to leave the heavy lifting to your movers. They’re trained to move equipment and have tools to help them do it safely.

#7. Peace Of Mind

Assuming that you do your due diligence when picking out professional movers, you can enjoy peace of mind when it comes to moving your belongings. To pick reliable and trustworthy movers, make sure to finalize the estimated cost they give you, look into their liability coverage, and pay attention to their online reviews.

On moving day, you can rest easy and only need to be around to answer any questions they may have.

Costs Of Professional Movers In Australia

Professional movers offer a standard set of services if you hire them — loading, transportation, unloading, and arranging them in your new place. Extra services can also be purchased at an additional cost.

The exact cost varies from company to company, but the estimated costs for moving within a city are:

  • $125/hr for one-bedroom apartments with two movers
  • $175/hr for a small three-bedroom apartment with three movers
  • $245/hr for a large three-bedroom apartment with four movers
  • $315/hr for a large family home with four movers

Hiring professional movers isn’t the cheapest option, but it’s worth the expense. There are already enough things to do and take care of during a move without having to think about your things too.

Enjoy Moving Day: Work With Professional Movers

You deserve to have a stress-free move and enjoy the experience without having to worry about your belongings. Hire a professional mover to do the heavy lifting for you.